Getting Apps Made: More Success, Less Stress

9 App Planning Puzzle Pieces To Help You Knock Your Project Out of the Park

With this “Getting Apps Made” list, you will learn:

– The 9 steps to a solid plan, so the developers will know exactly how to achieve success with your project
– How to avoid re-building parts of your app, so you won’t have to pay twice
– Tactics to get the best quotes without repeating yourself and avoid confusing conversations with developers

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Getting clear on who your app will serve, the problem it solves, and most important functions.


Outlining the pages, access levels, and “setting up the shelves” that the information will sit on.


Finalizing preferences and connecting with different developers to find the best fit.

Hi, I'm Eddie.

I’ve been working with websites for 20 years and building web and mobile apps for businesses for 8+ years.


I’m a creative problem solver with a lot of technical experience, and I’ve seen it all.


One thing I’ve learned is that with a solid plan, development goes MUCH more smoothly, helping avoiding big headaches and saving lots of money and time.