Kimberly – Just Her rideshare

Needs: Full-stack developer, confident with React and knows AWS.


Nurture Labs

React/Full-Stack/AWS? Yes – Compensation $2500/month – experience 1.5 years have built 3 in production scalable applications from scratch

Contact Name: Shiva Mangal

Based In India

Unique Strength: Helping startups and build MVPs, solid design skills 


AAPNA Infotech

React/Full-Stack/AWS? Yes, and the cost per hour is $25 for senior dev, and $20 for middle-level developer.

Contact Name: Ankit Kumar

Based In India, with offices In US

Unique Strength: Scalable applications and supporting many users



React/Full-Stack/AWS? Yes, and we have cheaper rates for Middle Developers and a bit more expensive for Senior Developers. Typically between $25 and $48/hr, negotiable.

Contact Name: Michail Verskajn

Based In Sweden

Unique Strength: Michail speaks multiple languages, very client centered, wonderful review from GetFocus.EU co-founder 



React/Full-Stack/AWS? Yes, at $25 per hour for an 8-year experienced developer. Our React developers are also the ones who build the React Native apps.

Contact Name: Mahesh Kumar

Based In India, with offices In US

Unique Strength: Great communication, good looking portfolio

if you have any questions
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