If You Want To “Jump The Line” And Not Waste Time

If you want to “jump the line” and not waste time where others will get stuck, find a guide.

It’s easy to have the app idea…

But not so easy to understand all the different details that go into planning a good user experience.

It seems simple to ask for what you need…

But if the developer on the other end isn’t a problem solver, you end up with broken, confusing functionality.

You might think you’re being totally clear (and you are)…

But just like a game of telephone, just because you spoke clearly doesn’t mean there wasn’t miscommunication.

So, it really pays to have someone on your team that is actively looking for those things that might otherwise get swept under the rug and forgotten until they rear their ugly heads later.

Typically, Founders search for technical co-founders…

But this process can be arduous and frustrating.

And if you don’t know what you don’t know…

Then you’re just throwing darts blindfolded and not serving yourself.

By the way, I offer a simpler solution to get off the ground running. 

It’s a coaching program to help Founders take their app idea and move into development, while feeling in control of the process.

If you’re curious in learning more, I’ll explain how I can help you!


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Don’t know what the planning process is all about? Watch this 6-min video.


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