I Fell From The Sky Last Night

I fell from the sky last night.

As I fell, wondering whether this was really it …

or whether it was just a dream…

I didn’t have the answer until I hit the ground.


When you get called to a new place in your life…

When you move in a new direction you’ve never gone before …

When you move through your fear…

You can see the ground

You can feel like you’re falling

And then… impact.

But it’s not fatal, in fact quite the opposite.

Once you hit that barrier…

Then you realize there’s life BEYOND the barrier

And now you can move farther than you’ve gone before, continuing to push through your fear.

We’re all different and we all got our stuff, but this idea to move THROUGH fear instead of trying to get RID of it is what I’m preaching today.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk:)

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