Why Testing Is Super Important

Today, we are talking all about why testing is super important.

Now, one thing that I find is when I go through websites, looking at new people’s projects, it’s very typically easy to find something wrong. Find a misspelling, find a broken link, find something that is relatively easy to find, except for there was no process to check for it.

That when we’re creating projects and putting them up, sometimes what we forget to do is actually use it as new users will find it and that, because we’re building it from the inside out, we think we figured everything out and we’ve set it up. But we don’t realize, that we may have missed the link or the link doesn’t go to the right place or a typo or whatever else.

So one very important step to take, after you finish your website, after you finish your app, after you finish, whatever it is to have a great process in place so that you can make sure that those kinds of small areas don’t exist.

Now, it’s not horrible issues. I mean, typically the main core of the functionality of the software will work, but if you don’t take the extra step to really use the software, like your customer will use it from the very beginning.

Seeing the setup screens, clicking through everything, clicking on all the links, clicking everywhere that you want your users to click, then you’ll end up missing something which then will be a worse experience for a customer, even worse, maybe somebody who was willing to click through, but then found that it was broken and just decided to give up, or maybe they got distracted and then they never come back.

So in that case, you actually can lose some people because it’s not set up properly.

So please make sure that, if you’ve got a website set up right now if you’ve got an app set up right now, you haven’t yourself, gone through it and clicked on all the different buttons and really, use it yourself for sure.

Then don’t assume that your users are getting the experience you want them to get, unless you have a solid QA team, which is a big part of making a solid software is having a solid QA team to make sure that everything is how it should be.

But ultimately as the owner, as the founder, as the person with the idea, nobody is going to know your idea as well as you do, even as you try to communicate it to your team.

Even as you try to put it down in paper, that when you use it yourself, you start finding things that nobody else can find. And so, if you’re limited on time and you’ve got a team, then. Sending directors to the team to be able to say, Hey, check for this. Look for that, click on everything, you know, get back to me about it and then have that done continually.

Especially if you are in a continuous development cycle, it really, really helps. Make sure that you maintain the integrity of your software and that you’re giving your users the best experience possible. It’s not too expensive to hire a QA team and for you to take the 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes to just go through your software and use it from the beginning, you will start to see things three months in six months in 12 months in.

If you can have some kind of quarterly cadence where you actually yourself look at it, then you’ll end up, coming up with ideas that you don’t have otherwise when you’re playing in the background and then expecting that your team is implementing properly.

So I hope that tip was helpful!

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Thanks for reading. I’m Eddie. Take care.

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