Have You Ever Wanted To Get An App Made But Didn’t Know Where To Start?

Have you ever wanted to get an app made but didn’t know where to start?

15 years ago, I was in the same place.

I knew a little bit…enough to modify my own website code.

I crossed my fingers after making the change, and reloaded the page.

It worked!

and then a lightbulb went on…

What else was possible if I focused on understanding software systems better?

Now 15 years later… I’ve designed hundreds of functions and systems that do all different kinds of helpful things:

– Streamline Processes

– Organize Information

– Save Loads of Time

– Generate Recurring Revenue

I want to help you navigate the software development world and complete your project, feeling proud with less anxiety…

You can sidestep a lot of issues that other people deal with, like these:

– Don’t overengineer the project (keep it simple, find the core)

– Don’t speak in generalities… be VERY clear on what you want (You CAN draw a clear target for the developers, even if you’re non-technical)

– Don’t be stuck with the first developer you get in touch with… use a simple trick to be able to get more quotes with less work (which means you get better options)

If you want some insight on how to make your next software development project a success:


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