Entrepreneurship And Fear…

Once there was a cloud that followed a boy wherever he went.

Walking or running, skipping or jumping, the cloud stayed overhead.

One day the boy said, “Cloud, What is the sun and how can I see it?”

The cloud replied, “I am not sure what you mean. I see you and you see me.”

And the cloud followed the boy.

The boy ran and ran and grew and grew and still the cloud followed, never letting the sun shine though.

Boy asked, “Where is my shadow and why don’t I see it?”

The cloud replied, “I am not sure what you mean… I see you and you see me.”

One day the boy tricked the cloud by switching hats with a friend when the cloud wasn’t looking. Then he ran far into the forest.

He came upon a clearing where the sun shone. Bright white lines of light flowed from the sky.

As he stepped forward, he felt the warm sun on his skin.

A smile grew across his face, finally knowing the warmth and comfort of the sun.

Just then, the Cloud realized that boy played a trick, and flew over to find him…

But right as the cloud came to cover him…


 it changed right to rain.

One quick downpour and then…

It was gone.

The moral: Once you see what is blocking your vision it no longer holds control over you.

Entrepreneurs… what helped you overcome fear?

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