The All-In-One Solution For Software Scopes

You’re non-technical and want less failure, frustration and overwhelm in the software planning process.

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“Can’t thank you enough. This new software just saved me 20 hours!”

“Thank you for always thinking ahead… and being kind and gracious in all you do.”

“Your vision for the game and self check-out is spot on.”

The Process: From Idea to Finished Scope

Software Planning Step - Clarify Value

1 Define Problem

Together we’ll review your idea and define the problem you are solving.

Software Planning Step - Narrow Focus

2 Narrow Focus

Clarify what matters and what can be saved for later, drilling down to the core idea

Software Planning Step - Iterate Vision

3 Iterate Vision

Determine the final vision and segment the larger idea into sections

Software Planning Step - Determine Levels

4 Determine Levels

Separate the levels of people that can access the data.

Software Planning Step - Segment Data

5 Segment Data

Organize which data goes on which page

Software Planning Step - Structure Database

6 Structure Database

This is like adding shelves into the kitchen cabinets, so the dishes and bowls can stay in order! But in THIS context we are talking about keeping our data in order.

Software Planning Step - Choose Platforms

7 Choose Platforms

Determine how users access the data and with which devices

Software Planning Step - Wireframe Layout

8 Consider Style

Establish a list of style examples that will inspire the look and feel of this software

Software Planning Step - Finalize Scope

9 Finalize Scope

Finish up your software scope, confident, with a clear map of exactly what software you need

What might cause your project to fail?


Inaccurate requirements gathering


Inadequate vision or goal for the project

According to Project Management Institute (PMI), here are two common reasons for project failure.

  • Inaccurate requirements gathering
  • Inadequate vision

So what is the solution to this?

Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a plan, don’t get software built without a solid plan!

Even if you’re non-technical, I can guide you.

Contact me for a discovery call to see if we would be a good fit.

 “Hoping it works” is not a strategy

I was on a call with someone who was explaining how when he got software developed it felt like he was lighting $10,000 on fire, and “hoping it works”.

He was overwhelmed and fearful, because he didn’t know what could go wrong. 

Not having a plan is a real problem.

You don’t want to start building a house before you have clear plans, right?

The same goes for software. It’s smart to have a plan so everything is mapped out.

Then you get what you want and make sure you don’t overpay.

Before and After

Before Software Accelerator Playbook: You’re a non-technical business owner, and software development is confusing and frustrating. You want to build software but don’t know the questions to ask, don’t know how to narrow the software focus, and don’t know the terms. You want to make sure your money is well spent and doesn’t go to waste. You want to limit failure, and not be as overwhelmed through the process.

After Software Accelerator Playbook: You have a completed scope, ready to move forward approaching software developers with your idea. Your map is crystal-clear, and your confidence is high. Your time and money will be saved because you went through this process, and you can relax, knowing you have been thorough. It no longer feels like you will be setting your money on fire and just “hoping it works”. Instead, you’ve created a clear target for your developers to aim for and fully laid out your vision.  

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